Mr Desmond Lee – Senior Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of National Development, Member of Parliament for Jurong GRC

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Mr Desmond Lee was first appointed as Minister of State for National Development in September 2013. After his re-election as MP for Jurong GRC in September 2015, Mr Lee was appointed as Senior Minister of State for Home Affairs and National Development. He has also been appointed as the Deputy Leader of the House. Mr Lee also serves as a member of the board at the National Youth Council and chairs the Advisory Committee of Youth Corps Singapore.

Mr Desmond Lee graduated in 2001 from the National University of Singapore with first class honours in law. He also holds a Masters degree in law from the University of Oxford.


Mr Melvin Chow – Acting Group Director for the Food Supply Resilience Group in the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority


Melvin Chow is the Acting Group Director for the Food Supply Resilience Group in the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA). As the Group Director, his responsibilities include formulating policies and strategies for food supply resilience, monitoring Singapore’s food supply situation, formulating contingency plans and building up the capability of the food industry to be more resilient against disruption. Melvin‘s previous portfolio was Director of Policy and Planning for Food Supply Resilience and before that, was overseeing the Research and Development Programmes at AVA’s Marine Aquaculture Centre on St John’s Island.
Ms Nichol Ng – Co-Founder of the Food Bank Singapore




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As Managing Director of FoodXervices Inc Pte Ltd, Nichol oversees 100 employees, 2,000 customers, 3,000 line items, and an annual turnover of about S$36 million. She is responsible for sales, marketing, customer service, human resource, finance, and business development. Driven by her passion for and interest in food as well as a desire to deliver service with a heart, Nichol took over the family business and re-branded the company in May 2007. In addition to her role at FoodXervices Inc Pte Ltd, Nichol is also the Managing Director of sister companies GroXers Inc Pte Ltd, PlotX Inc Pte Ltd and LogiXtics LLP.

Prior to this, she was a Marketing Executive of MediaCorp Radio Pte Ltd where she was part of the team in charge of re-branding all the MediaCorp radio stations, including Class 95, Y.E.S 933 and Gold 90. After spending 10 years at St Nicholas Girls’ School, Nichol moved on to Catholic Junior College before graduating from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts & Social Sciences with majors in Economics and Japanese Studies. In 2012, Nichol established The Food Bank Singapore, which aims to be the prevailing centralised coordinating organisation for all food donations in Singapore. She is also the President of ONE Singapore, a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to raising public awareness and taking concrete actions to create make poverty history.

Dr. Anuradha Ramanujan – Lecturer, NUS

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Dr. Anuradha Ramanujan is a Lecturer at the Centre for English Language Communication, National University of Singapore. Before joining NUS in 2010, she taught for many years at universities in India and the United States. Her research and teaching interests include postcolonial studies, critical pedagogy, gender and feminism, environmental ethics, food studies and critical animal studies. She has lectured on The Politics of Food, a module which provokes thinking on the ramifications of the food we put on our plate.

Where did your last meal come from? How does your dietary choices affect the world around you?  How reliant are we on external sources and their environment? Will Singapore attain self-sufficiency? How may our food choices as an importer affect the supply chain?
Dr Ramanujan (or more familiarly known as Dr Anu by her students) will be bringing breadth to the topic of Food Security in the island state of Singapore.

Although the focus of the symposium is national, the current food system and its environmental impacts, as we well know, are global. And since Singapore imports 90% of its food, it may be useful to problematize dominant definitions of food security (UNFAO, AVA, etc.) in light of these global concerns. Dr Anu will discuss why and how ‘food security’ needs to be reconceptualized and tease out some implications of this rethinking for Singapore. Dr. Anu’s global and conceptual framing would complement the other speakers’ contextual examination of specific issues like sustainable farming and food waste.

She will conclude by pointing out some implications (in terms of both policymaking and consumer behaviour/choice) for Singapore that can be developed by other speakers. As for specific issues, I could potentially discuss biotech solutions to the food crisis (in relation to socio-economic and ecological sustainability), international trade agreements and their impacts, the ethics and politics of meat, etc.

Come find out more about her insights on food security, environmental sustainability and other relevant issues in Singapore!

Ms Evelyn Eng – Co-Founder of Green Circle Eco-Farm

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“What is life all about? There doesn’t seem to be much meaning if all our concerns are about material needs. We forget the importance of other living things and how they connect with us in the web of life. I think relationships between humans, plants and animals are very important. And when you care for the environment, you will also care about the food you eat.”

Since starting Green Circle Eco-Farm in 1999, Evelyn has been an organic farmer who has instinctively evolved into a Food Forest Farmer as well.  Some features of the farm are the food grown free of chemicals, rainwater harvesting and the use of recycled materials. Prior to starting the farm, Evelyn had been an active volunteer in the Nature Society (Singapore) for 14 years. She is also a Science Graduate of NUS, with a  Post-Graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry; and Education. 



Dr. George Sun – Deputy Director of Future Mobility (Research) at the Land Transport Authority


Dr. George Sun leads a team working on research collaboration with institutes of higher learning (IHLs) for the strategic development of the land transport system in the areas of enhancing mobility experiences, services and systems. He also oversees the publication of JOURNEYS, a biannual professional journal published by the LTA Academy, examining current land transport issues and challenges in the areas of policy and planning, development and management of infrastructure, transport innovations and systems and other issues that are of interest to transport professionals.

Dr. Andreas Rau – Principle Investigator in TUM CREATE Center of ElectroMobility

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Dr. Rau joined TUM CREATE Limited in Singapore since 2011 as a Principle Investigator in TUM CREATE Center of ElectroMobility. Concurrently, he also holds the position of Head of Education & Research (Civil Engineering) in the German Institute of Science and Technology – TUM Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore. His significant research experience contributed in public transport planning, development and implementation workshops and research projects funded by public transport authorities, and education institutes in Germany and Singapore. With a strong academic and teaching background, Dr. Rau was a Founding Director of MSc programme at TU München and the German Institute of Science and Technology – TUM Asia, Singapore. He is a frequent speaker in seminars, conference and training from all around the world.

Mr Lewis Chen – Founder of Carsharing Association of Singapore


Lewis is Founder and the first President of Carsharing Association of Singapore, which was formed to promote the carsharing service in Singapore and to engage the Singapore government authorities for their support in carsharing service. The carsharing service was promoted in the Land Transport Authority websites and subsequently incorporated into Singapore’s Land Transport Master Plan 2013. With his most recent portfolio as the General Manager, Marketing and Operations for Car Club Pte. Ltd., Lewis led the expansion of the carsharing service as well as to streamline the customer service management and the fleet operations processes to achieve optimal operating efficiency which led to better profitability. Has been invited to share on carsharing services and urban mobility at international conferences in Europe, China, Taiwan and Korea.