[FEATURE] Electric Taxis in Singapore!!!

You’re late for class or work, and have to reach your destination on time no matter what.
Your destination is very inaccessible – a huge distance from the MRT station or bus stop – and its raining heavily.
What will you rely on? Taxis of course!

Taxis account for 15% of the total distance covered by ALL vehicles in Singapore despite being only 3% of the total vehicle population! However, most vehicles in Singapore, including taxis, burn fuels, which releases carbon into the atmosphere and thus contributes to global warming.

This is where electric vehicles come into play! Check out EVA, an electric taxi specifically designed by TUM-CREATE to suit the climate of tropical megacities. Although EVA is sustainable, quality and efficiency is not overlooked. Watch this video about EVA here:

Find out more about EVA and look out for updates or related events at TUM-CREATE’s Facebook page! And why not head down to SFSS 2016 to learn more about sustainable transport? Sign up here: tinyurl.com/sfss2016

Also, we will be sending out the programme booklets tomorrow evening. Meanwhile, here’s the schedule for the event:


4 more days to SFSS 2016! See you there!