[SPEAKER] Dr. Andreas Rau, Principle Investigator (TUM-CREATE)

Flying broomsticks, vanishing cabinets, portkey and teleportation. Sounds familiar? Yup,  it’s some of the various means of wizard transportation in Harry Potter! Not only do these seemingly bizarre transportation tools save time, they sure save lots of carbon emissions that vehicles tend to emit too!

How can we ensure that real world transportation is more sustainable? One such way is the bus lanes that are already in operation in Singapore during the peak hours. This improves the speed and efficiency of taking the bus, promoting the use of public transport. What other ways are there to improve the sustainability of transport here in Singapore?

Dr. Andreas Rau from TUM-CREATE Centre of Electromobility will be bringing us through his research experiences in transport infrastructures and developments and how sustainable they can be, so do join us on the 20th of February at NUS Utown Auditorium 3, 130 to 630pm. 

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