[SPEAKER] Mr. Lewis Chen, former president of Car Sharing Association


Mr. Lewis Chen has over 12 years of car sharing experience and the in-depth knowledge of managing car sharing services and developing new car sharing services for different markets in Asia.

He started as the General Manager of NTUC Income Car Cooperative Ltd. which is the first carsharing service in Asia and has been commercially viable since from its second year of operations. With Mr. Chen at helm to steer its growth and development, NTUC Income Car Cooperative achieved an overall 5 times increase on the market adoption within 3 years through working with all the car sharing service providers to promote the car sharing service while maintaining a healthy level of profitability.

Mr. Chen then moved on to take on a regional role as the General Manager of INVERS Asia Pte. Ltd., subsidiary of INVERS GmbH which is the global market leader in car sharing technology, to further promote the car sharing concept in Asia which includes China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. He also helped entrepreneurs and organisations to develop new car sharing service models and business plans to setup car sharing operations in various markets and to work with the central and local government agencies to develop sustainable urban transportation model through supporting the integration of car sharing service into the public transportation system.

Being the first President, Mr. Chen co-founded Carsharing Association of Singapore to promote the car sharing service in Singapore and to engage the Singapore government authorities for their support in car sharing service. The car sharing service was promoted on the Land Transport Authority websites and subsequently incorporated into Singapore’s Land Transport Master Plan 2013.

Most recently, Mr. Chen served as the General Manager, Marketing and Operations for Car Club Pte. Ltd., led an expansion of the car sharing service as well as streamlining the customer service management and the fleet operations processes to achieve optimal operating efficiency which led to better profitability.

Mr. Chen has been invited to share on carsharing services and urban mobility at international conferences in Europe, China, Taiwan and Korea.

To learn more about car sharing in Singapore, visit Car Sharing Association’s website http://www.carsharing.org.sg/