[FEATURE] LTA’s Research Clusters

Ever wondered how the Land Transport Authority manages transport in a sustainable and efficient manner? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

LTA has 4 research clusters, namely: Transport Telematics, Traffic Optimisation, Environment and Energy, and Integrated User Experience.

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When we think of LTA, many think about the management of road usage and traffic, but LTA is actually involved in much more! Did you know that LTA uses many innovative new technologies to manage traffic? These include pro-active traffic modeling and predicting traffic, and LTA continues to employ these new methods to optimise the limited number of cars our roads can hold.

It is also because of these new technologies that we are now able to easily obtain real-time travel information to minimise time wasted sitting in traffic jams! Through different platforms, drivers are directed to areas with minimal traffic while optimising commuting time from their smartphones. LTA is even looking to improve user experience through ensuring that these platforms cater to the needs of those with special needs, or those who seek personalised service.

You may now be thinking how this will all affect the environment. Fret not! LTA carefully chooses sustainable yet cost-effective construction methods and building materials, and is continuously seeking ways to reduce the adverse environmental consequences caused by transport.


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