[FEATURE] Our Local Produce

Many of us have misconceptions about the amount of food Singapore imports. Some of us may not even know that Singapore does produce some of the food we eat!

For example, 8% of the vegetables we eat are home grown, and the AVA is looking to increase that number to 10% in the future.

Some of these locally grown veggies such as the Chinese Cabbage come from the Green Circle Eco-Farm, which was co-founded by Ms Evelyn Eng. The Green Circle Eco-Farm does not use insecticides on their veggies, as Ms Evelyn Eng believes that ‘the more biodiverse it is, the farm would have more types of nutrients that come from the cycle of life.’

The Eco-farm is not a business that brings in big bucks, and only after 6 years of operations have they managed to break even. However, they have a firm believe in such a sustainable lifestyle, and that is truly inspiring.

Here is the full article if you are interested: http://www.wildsingapore.com/news/20051112/051115-2.htm

To learn more about the Ms Evelyn Eng and the Eco-farm, do join us at the Singapore Futures Sustainability Symposium on the 20th of February, from 130-630pm. Seats are limited, so do register early to avoid disappointment!

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