[Feature] How/Where is our food produced?

Walk into any supermarket and you can easily find food, packaged and sealed for your convenience. It is extremely easy to just pick it up for your own use – and it is also extremely easy for us to disconnect ourselves with the realities of food production, as we do not think twice about the source of our food and how they are produced. In Singapore, with more than 90% of our food being imported from elsewhere, we have little control over how our food is grown, and what goes into our food.

You may have heard of Food, Inc., a documentary examining corporate food industries, and what goes on behind meat farms and the industrial production of vegetable and grains. Not only are these practices unsustainable, they also promote the inhumane treatment of animals and exploit human labour. Although this film bases its investigations and context in the United States of America, many large corporations also conduct such practices, and this film brings you into the world of the mysterious food production industry that we are not usually privy to.

Here is the trailer for Food, Inc. if you would like to find out more.


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